SK8 The Infinity 3D Lamps – Miya Chinen Skate 3D Led Lamp

SK8 The Infinity 3D Lamps – Miya Chinen Skate 3D Led Lamp


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Main Features:

7 Colors change: red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple and white
Touch Mode: Please press the touch button once to change one color, if press 8th times, the colors will be changed automatically. Hold switch down for 2 seconds to turn off.
Remoter Control Mode: Remote Control with On/Off, 16 colors, adjustable brightness, flash mode, smooth mode.


Light panel material: optical acrylic
Power spend: 0.012kw.h/24 hours
LED life span: 10000hours 
Voltage: 5V
Light color: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Purple, White (can fixed one color or 7 color gradual changing)
Consumption: 3W
Power supply: USB or 3*AA batteries(not included)
package size: 22cm*16cm*6cm

Package includes:

1* User manual
1* Micro USB cable, length: 1m
1* Remote control
1* Lamp ABS Base, size:85*40mm
1* Optical acrylic panel, size in 200*150*4mm



  • Please remove the surface protective film before use.
  • To avoid leaving fingerprint on the acrylic panel surface, please only hold the board on the edge instead of front.

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Additional information


16 color with remote, 7 colors no remote